Friday, April 6, 2012

Vodka pours sweet pain~

A pinch of salt can change the taste of food; wish there could be something which can brighten "thedaysintoabeautifuldreamsssss".
It’s the Rum that can possibly change the life for a few minutes and gives you a deep sleep.

Everything seems far better when you take few shots of Tequila.
Since my great Companions are not around to share a drink with me, I am lonesome now. Reggae-Bar and Hankook just reminds me of the adorable souls. well its fun when you share a drink with your good friends and enjoy laughter and watch the silly facial expressions and laugh without knowing the reason, these may appeared to me as reasons to go for a drink but at the same time ‘beingsafe’ and keeping good companions is a must when you are drinking out, or I should say ‘indoorhouseparty’ is the best way to enjoy the moment to get drunk purposely and laugh till your stomach burst out.

Ok now let me say this here, there are people who like drinking but pretend in the eyes as they are weird nice souls staying home and doing everything nice things. Well that is nice and it’s good because not everyone can offer to do all the so called "Good things" without a Doubt. And I seriously have no problem with them who are undeniably nice you know who stay miles away from the smokes and ashes and immediately avoids the smell non-soft-drinks. I mean like Vodka you see.  Awe-inspiring you anti-Vodkas'...
It’s good that you are nice enough not to know the taste of Vodka, so that means you will die without tasting it??

I might sound like a regular person who gets drunk over the every weekend. Well it’s nothing like that, but I am certainly not anti-Vodka.
Cheers and happy Weekend~

I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.

Cheers and happy Weekend to everyone~
~Mashutzo Writes~


  1. Sahi ho !
    I will find someone whose is given a vodka by life B)

  2. I'm pretty much in agreement with you Ihamo, there is nothing wrong with drinking alone or in company in the slightest. As you know probably from visiting my blog however my life has took a huge decline because of over-drinking so I've had to stop completely. This post makes me miss it a little haha!

  3. cheersss.........

  4. Yes you should definitely make a lemonade when life gives lemon and also if you're in a very good mood, cut a slice and decorate your glass of vodka or whiskey. Acha Lhamo this post reminded me of that night at house of music, my last night at hangkook. Stay happy and enjoy life like alway, cheers!