Friday, April 27, 2012

thought of the day~

I feel good,
I feel like smiling all day,
I feel like making a shout out loud,
I feel Delighted just because I did it.

Sometimes giving a share of happiness in someone’s Life feels like the perfect victory of satisfaction.
It doesn’t really take complicated effort nor it consumes time and energy, all it takes is a will from the heart and there you see getting to what you have been thinking to ‘make it’.

It’s so possible if you have a will to do it from your heart, you can make anything possible and you can make people happy with your single thought for something Good.

Yesh Yesh,
So far I am loving the way it is taking beautiful moments down the lane,
And I am happy to be part of the happiness and smiling hearts around me,
down on the corner, I do sometimes think if you people and smile,
Love for you Both and take good care of everything that bounds you together.
Keeps the love growing with the each new expression of Feelings and love……
Take care~
Mashutzo Writes~

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling happy today Ihamo, you deserve to be happy every day, for long may it continue.