Saturday, February 5, 2011

New year Eve ..year 2009...

It was exact the same date 31th of December of today of last year 2009 around 8:45 pm and I was at work very busy. My cell phone rang persistently. It was my friend Tsering calling endlessly and making me conscious that we were being late for the Night.
When my phone rang, I was giving my last thought whether I should join the event of the night.  I mean the sinners of heaven which was being held at the Yak and Yeti Hotel. Actually I wanted to go and have a blast time with my friends. But the price of the ticket which was like Rs 2500 which was like expensive for me made me stuck to take a decision.
My phone rang again and again, I didn’t think further cause Tsering and Khandu were waiting for my arrival and I didn’t want to make it go like terrible New Year Eve just cause of my decision of No. So made my decision and left my work with permission from my Boss.
I remember I took a cap from the Boudha gate to my home where Tsering and Khandu were waiting for me. I made the driver wait outside our house. We were busy getting ready for the Event. After talking nineteen to the dozen, we were very much ready and we heard the Taxi driver giving the horn, making us aware that he had been waiting outside in the chill winter.
We got in the Cab with an excitement. When our cab rolled by the way of the King’s way, we encountered most of the people wearing warm clothes with soft woolen mufflers where as we were in a Dresses and high heels.
Gazing at each other’s face we started to ask one another: oie Are we only the girls who are dressed like this? But the answer to the question was same from us…Tsering ->I don’ know , Khandu->no idea, Me-> thaha chaina!
We reached the place where the place was completely jam-packed with vehicles and people. We had to get off from the taxi without any option and had to take a walk to the entrance. We didn’t realized the coldness of the night but as the moment we got off the taxi, we could feel the chilled air around our legs as suppose like a refrigerator’s door is wide opened and we were standing right in front of it.
Oh my goodness, I could hear that very moment Khandu and Tsering whispering to me “Lhamo kasto jado” khasto jado bhayo “added again. I was feeling cold and the funny thing was a bit like shivering..but without delay I replied ..khandu keep quiet otherwise I am going to pinch you.
We got to the entrance and with the ticket we were in. As we walked the hall following the mass of people having fun in their own best, we got to the place where, there was a huge conference room with lots of people enjoying drinks and dinner with family. The food was placed beautifully with the decent taste of colors. There was the separate bar section, which was no doubt an eventful place for the people who loved drinking. All and all it was nicely set. We could see families’ together, huge groups together, and it was surprising to notice the grannies dancing to the Indian hit numbers. I felt like we were at the right place to celebrate our night.
We enjoyed a glass of wine and the chocolate cake were like the cherry on the cake cause I was longing to have something sweet. We danced we laughed we played pranks. Certainly meeting a senior man, who was sitting next to us with his family with beautiful children, approached us to dance. We had to refuse and we requested him to take some of our pictures. He danced alone and we were watching him shake his tummy which was healthy enough. Just Imagine! We didn’t know his name and we gave him a nickname ->Bikram Dai…keeping the Bikram tempo in our mind. I know this was mean but it came in our mind…sorry Bikram Dai lol……
I must understand this fact that, this was the most impressive Eve party of my life. I want my girls….Tsering and Khandu to stay the cheerful forever and forever…thank you for making me feel pleasant .

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