Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Losar and khapsey!


Phulbari ; is the name of the demanding place where one can easily get to notice the people chatting at the side of the way in a teashop and sunbathing, school students darting to get to school before the school bell rings, women of the house buying vegetables and fruits, the youngsters getting away with the craze of the bikes speed, the beggars with their needy face longing for a crisp fresh notes rather than coins these days, with all these activities being achieved in ‘Phulbari’.
Whenever I walk back from my work, I see all those beautiful like flower designs finely sliced in different shapes and sizes packed in a transparent packet and placed all over the shops through the way of  Phulbari. Giving a look at these busy shops when I get with the smell of fried breads gives this feeling that our Tibetan “Losar “ is near on our way.

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  1. losar and all you see is khapsey!!!lol


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