Saturday, February 5, 2011

Story in thamel street....year 2008

                                                                   The main crossroad of thamel
                                                                               Tired feet...
                                                                           human speed....
Short nap to bigger dreams!

I opened the door of the cab and got off. I was having little problem with the zip of my bag which was actually making me annoy for no reason. i was right in front of the Java coffee shop , when some street kids approached me for some money for obvious. i didn’t have the change, without any other good option I gave them the chocolate I had In my bag and followed my way.
I walked the way of  ‘Thamel’ fearing if I was late for work. I saw the street kids sleeping in the same place like the cramp, avoiding the scene which was bothering me in a way to begin with my views about them, I looked at my shoes which was filthy dirty looking…I laughed within me and thought God! I should have clean it once before leaving home and avoid. 
I arrived at the main crossroad of the ‘thamel’ street.  when i was at the main road just right in front of the pashmina shop, quickly I had to cover my nose cause the garbage which seemed like been more than it has to be there, was bothering me to breath with all those awful smell. I checked the time; it was 11 o’ clock in the morning. I was feeling exhausted by the time, May be it was because I didn’t have my breakfast that morning. I was feeling kind of clumsy and looked here and there in search of a rickshaw still with nose covered.
Slapping my feet on the land in annoyed expression, putting my hand on my head as suppose to be troubled, I still waiting carefully for a rickshaw. After walk of 5-10 steps, I saw several rickshaw pullers around the corner. They bumped up with same question, hello rickshaw ho?, hello! at once. I skipped to answer them and stayed still there.
just then,
 I saw a very young boy talking nap on his rickshaw. His back was completely resting on the back seat , his legs were on the handle of the rickshaw. He had covered his face with his traditional Nepali hat which we call ‘Dhaka Topi’. His one of the 'khukuri' (nepali local brand) sandal was one the ground and another was still hanging on the toes unconsciously. His that particular image grabbed my attention. I stood there for a while peeping his every posture. It was actually indeed interesting to see that young boy it’s because there was only this particular boy who was absolutely unknown of the activities that had been taking place. People were busy to get to their work on time, the loud horn of the taxis made everyone to close their ears. The street kids were looking for way not to stay hungry and begging the foreigners with their emotional faces….and some kids were throwing tantrums when those foreingers avoided to listen to them.
But this young boy….my my ….he was in his own world. I went near him, knowing I was disturbing his sleep. I approached with my words; bhai hello bhai standing right next to the rickshaw.
He woke up in a jiffy. Putting his legs at the right place and setting his Nepali hat properly, he gave me a sweet smile and asked me back; hajur bhannus , kaha jane ho? rubbing his big and long lashes eyes. He was around like 16-18 of age.
I replied and didn’t bargain as normally I do.
The boys tighten his navy trouser with a rope above his waist. He patted the dust in his shirt and started the way murmuring an old Nepali song "zindagi ley yesari dhoka diyo ki " by late Narayan Gopal. I was no doubt amazed with  the  kind of song he was singing at that age. I was on my seat smiling slightly with his song and i must say this he was a good singer!
I arrived my place and I saw my fellow friend Tosja was waiting for me to begin with the thesis we were doing about the “indrachowk” and the old houes around the area of new road.
I got off. I took out the 50 rupees note from my unzipped bag and handed him. He quickly kissed the money with a gentle touch and touched it back to the handle of the rickshaw and then again, he slapped with money to his forehead.
That very moment really overwhelmed me. i watched him while he was turning back and leaving. I with all my heart prayed; may he have the handsome income he wished to have. May he return back home with the million dollar smile with a happy face.


  1. Rs 5p?
    I thought you showered him with a 50 rupee note... isnt?

  2. yea thats right i handed him the note of 50 rupees...and i did the correction too...thank you...this made me know that u read my story infact lol


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