Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boudha's 'Laphing'


Whenever time seems kind to give me this option to spend some time freely, I hardly leave this possibility to have a plate of “Laphing”.
The word “Laphing” is derived from the Chinese word.  I actually don’t have the exact meaning of the dish. But it is certainly a kind of dish that everyone should try once. Like or dislike; that the opinion of the person who goes for a plate of ‘Laphing’.
Walk by the “Mahendra School” which is well-known as the ‘Phulbari’ school. Just next to the school gate you will see a lady in her Tibetan dress with the fair clean skin smiling broadly.
Sonam Dechen is the lady who every morning comes to this regular place and sets everything in a jiffy and gets ready to sell her mouth-watering laphing. She is 47 and going to be 48 after this coming Tibetan Losar which is just after two weeks. She has six children and all of them are student.  Her eldest offspring is 18 where as the youngest one is just tiny of 7. She has the family of 8 which includes the children, her mother and herself. She is a very strong woman to handle everything in a very smart way.
She speaks gentle and her words are always very respectful which we Tibetan call the tune of lhasa. I wish if I can continue like her words.
Her dish “ laphing “ makes my stomach go laughing cause I can’t refuse to accept the yummy taste that last longer than it has to. Well I think this is a good dish for those who are calories conscious though!
When I ask her for the permission that I have the will to take some pictures and want to jot down some words;
She looked at me and without a delay she accepted. i was smiling within.
I had a plate of laphing and so did my sister who was with me, helped me by taking some pictures at the spot. When we were about to leave, the lady told me that she will be coming with a new dish of laphing which is going to be a complete now TASTE. I am going to be there to taste it …how about you people.
Well whenever you walk by the way of phunbari, don’t forget to take a rest at her blue tent and take this chance to taste her “Laphing” just for 20 rupees a plate for ‘white’ Laphing and rupees 25 for the ‘yellow’  Laphing. Isn’t that amazing?

Smile to Life!
Photo- DLM Photography~


  1. "I wish if I can continue like her words"

    "take this chance to taste her “Laphing” just for 20 rupees a plate for ‘white’ Laphing and rupees 25 for the ‘yellow’ Laphing. Isn’t that amazing?"

    These are some special sentences, which I liked most, in this blog!!....
    Keep goin'.... Dear....

  2. yea..i am very much into words now..m glad u liked it. will be blogging pooh...thanks for reading..

  3. very well written , i'm starving to eat laphing after i read it ,nice job . And we want more ...

  4. Dhanyabad Yogesh.U got to be here to taste it..so u know what i mean....lots more coming on the way..

  5. It's a great work!! Keep it up!! If there is someone who stops you from reaching your goal, that person is yourself.
    I suggest you to buy Kathmandu post every Saturday and read the experience of the famous writer.
    Thank you,
    gyanendra mocktan

  6. thank you so much for your words. they mean a lot to me...i hope you will get time to read my other stories too. i will always be standing active to hear critics from you. thank you again and i will do that about the kathmandu post..