Sunday, February 20, 2011

faded words from glossy world...

Time brings changes, I accept with my all heart. I have no doubt over this fact. But then there are certain things that really bother you even if you try hard to make it go so simple to understand yourself and others. That is our tiny little heart which handles every gigantic problem with its modesty.
Our heart plays a lead role in bringing whatever we have so far in our life. Our heart leads us to every single change that we accept with wide open arms and have to accept it unwillingly when it’s bitter to face.
Our heart changes with time too. Heart goes with time and its modesty making everyone unknown of what it is going through.
When our heart stands the single reason of bringing the wreckages in anything, at same time it is the main cause of bringing the enlightenments in a positive way.
All and all what I am trying to say is….our heart is what we stand today?
Time travels in its own speed making us unaware of how fast we have reached the time where sometimes we regret and smile with its cherishing moments too. My dear friend always complained me about thinking too deep about everything. She would always yell and I accept for the goodness that why do I think over a small matter to the deepest and why do I waste my time repeating it.
I am not denying the fact that I think too much over a subject or a matter. Yes, I do it still now and I have always been doing that. I even tried to avoid it by setting it in my New Year resolution to eliminate this ‘deep thinking’ matter forever but I failed. I realized this when I woke up this morning,
                                                                                       Time: 7; 30 am
                                                                                       Date: 21/2/2011
Ok fine, I do not like this fact that I think too much. I know and I accept it. There is a reason behind accepting this fact; I was having a short conversation with a person over nothing. It was a simple and gentle talk that normally we encounter in a simple way. In the middle of the conversation, that person took this time and pronounced; well Lhamo, don’t think too much. If I could play a double role person like in movie, I would definitely stand opposite to myself and would squint at myself. Pheww   …just a part of imagination.
I am little agitated with this fact that I think too much. I wish I could vanish in the nocturnal eyes and came out in the dusk, leaving this subject over somewhere. I might sound like I am grumbling over this fact but then I say …no I would rather say like I am little anxious that how the people can easily notice this fact out of me. This is completely like shitty shit…I am sorry for my words. This is what came in my mind and I am not able to act modest right at the moment.
I wish If I could have a tactics that people won’t notice this out of me. Because I sometimes get exasperated when out of sudden people come with their suggestions which I am not able to welcome with my heart.
I am not nonplussed. I know what I have to do. I am putting these words which were rushing in my mind like the thousands of Ants are digging the earth.
Now I swatted this subject from my mind by putting it through the help of words which will not come back to me again.
Smile to Life!


  1. i love the sentence which says "our heart is tiny but it can handle gigantic problems"...vry true..the heart which cannot adapt acording to the change gets hurt..

  2. well,u read ur writing once again. u will see both sides;ur deep thinking made u to write this beautiful thoughts. But look at me; i don't think too much. i just keep moving n hve got nothing to write. so m blank. see the

  3. my zema tsering palmo, finally u read my words and i am very much glad that you read this one which is completely from within me. i know you sweety, u keep on moving rather than thinking...we are different yet we are close and i like this fact...coz i learn many things from you..thank you for reading..
    smile to life..

  4. deepak...well thank you for liking the sentence. yes i believe in it yet sometimes our heart fails to move with the time...m glad that you read my faded words from the glossy world...hope you like it...
    smile to life..

  5. our heart looks small from outside but its humungous, gigantic,very kind and very mean some times as its gives and takes heart away from people.....but for those who can handles such quakes are really strong and bold heart... but not all are same... every one is different from something there are some people who cannot handle even a single news or blow on their heart...
    people who can actually handles such blow and carry on with their life as if it was their past those people will do something great in future.....

  6. yeah!many people said this to me but i still don't know what they learn from me. In fact whenever i meet new people, they keep their eye on me. i don't get it. are they surprise to see how i look and how i act is completely different?huhh....don't knw.whatever!xxx

  7. tsering kalden and my zema tsering palmo..thank you both for your time to read my words. i am carried away with your you..


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