Saturday, February 12, 2011

penniless smile with an evil intention :((

Foolish lhamo

                                                                  jerk punk...
I was 17 when I first joined to work. I turned to the big round clock of steel named “Seiko” to check the time. It was 7:30 pm. I was bored to sit on the same chair for hours. I was writing anything on the back of the register book and actually biting the pen to kill my boredom. I stood up, went near the filtered water jar and fetch a glass of water for myself. I came back to my chair with the glass of water. With each sip of the water I tried to count every second which makes a minute after the count of 60. Without any option I was left alone with a book and with its boring lines because the book wasn’t worth enough to get back and continue to the story.
My friend showed up suddenly to pick me up. We left for home. We were walking and talking at the same time. We were trying to be comfortable with the freezing air that was bothering us. I could feel cold air passing by the neck and I hurriedly kept myself warm with the pink muffler that cost me around 150 rupees from the ‘thamel’ street shop after hell lot of bargaining.
She then made me know about the festival that was happening in ‘Thamel’ called Thamel festival.
We agreed to have a look after all we have heard about it from many of our fellows. The loud and happening music attracted our ears which no doubt killed the tiredness of our leg. We both looked at each other with an amazement.  We were shocked to encounter the huge number of people coming to the place just to jump with the beat of the music.
We both were hungry by the time when we finished listening to some of the tracks. I was bored because the grumbling sound of my stomach made me feel as if something isn’t right. Then I realized that it was nothing but just a hunger that was upsetting me that very moment. I failed to stay long to touch my tummy and told my friend that long to have something.
She told we will leave after 10 minutes to have something by the place. I agreed and stand there still with the crazy youngsters trying so hard to do the head band and get the attention of the cameras that was rolling by the street to get some eventful scenes to capture.
I gazed at myself, from head to toe wondering if I wasn’t looking like a trash. The warm hat with the same color of muffler with the eye catching taste was looking fine with the dull color of my jeans and jeans jacket. I was carrying a heaving black Jan sport back bag,  I was very much comfortable with the black converse that I was wearing. It keeps me alive to walk for hours if I wish. My lace of one of the shoe was untied, so I hurriedly sat down to give some lasting knots. When I got up I felt someone beside me. When I turned, I witnessed a guy who had these punk getups with fully black from head to toe.
Oh my God ! ‘He was wearing the same shoes’.  He had a long shaggy hair which looked as it remained uncombed for years. Knowing we have the same shoes, I tried to shift a bit from the place I was standing. Whenever I moved a bit, the same guy would come long. I was puzzled by his mysterious behavior. He was then started to give the wide ugly smiles. I was no wonder shocked. I murmured within my heart, ‘who the crap is this guy on this earth’?
I asked my friend who was completely lost with the beats of the music, if she knew him? But yes honestly she was lost with the music because I was unanswered for my question.
My empty stomach was enough to trouble me, then this unknown guy giving the penniless smiles which was irritating me on the top of the world. I went beside my friend thinking I would be safe there and the guy won’t dare to follow there.
But my shocks were not ended; I could see the same guy just next to me after like few minutes. I was totally out of my mind because he looked really untidy and I wasn’t feeling good standing next to that jerk punk.
Without any option, I decided to avoid the punk dude completely. i checked  my outer zip of my bag and took out the strawberry chewing gum. I undid the paper, and started to chew the gums right in front this punk dude and acted as if nothing is bothering me here.
He guy started to dance with the beats as my friend was. He was doing the head bangs as if he was one of the rock stars from the limelight. He was giving those poses as he was holding a guitar and acting in a way to show that he was lost in the chords. When he was jumping and dancing with the beats, he was disturbing the people around him.
I called out for my friend and she responded me with the fast breath she is taking. I asked her ‘Shall we leave and eat something’ because my stomach is really upsetting me and I don’t want to others to misunderstand with its grumbling sounds around. She looked at me laughed loud covering her opened mouth with her hand. She agreed,we left from that noisy place and Thank god from that punk jerk.
We went to a place called ‘Zaika’ which served all the continental and fast foods. I started with a tomato soup which made my tummy go in peace. We shared a fine dinner. We asked for the bill, a tall waiter with a fake smile stood next to us. I took my back bag from the chair, and I found the zip was opened. I was in fear of something bad coming up my way. When I search for my purse, it was nowhere in bag. I lost my purse in the crowd. Immediately that jerk punk dude came in my mind….shit I was fool, and though he looked jerk, shaggy and dirty, he was clever enough to take my purse under my nose.
I had to pay heavy for that wide penniless Smile of the punk.


  1. This story of yours is worth reading!I enjoyed it till the end.And i really envy your hair! lol...I used to have the so-called mushroom cut hair when i was little.. :D

  2. thank you very much sweetheart,
    good ...keep of reading Acha's all stories. and u better do it ;.
    yea i remember how u used to play with the hair..i mean like pulling it back from the

  3. khang rey tha dhi?? day by day changing blog's background & title pictures...eventhough.. cool ..liking it much (: keep on blogginG :)

  4. oh!sorry lhamo. but i guess u learn the lesson. dxxxon't judge people from their appearance.don't do this again my dear!

  5. my zema tsering palmo, yea i did it...but it was too late to learn that lesson that time. hahah.
    smile to life.

  6. sometimes our life is so mean that table can turn in a different way like totally topsy turvy which can happen in an few minutes ago, u will be smiling and aftr few seconds the same person will be crying for some reasons.....but what to do this our way of life. sometimes there will be up and sometimes down....
    but in place like Nepal where stil male are given more importance rather than female.....the worst thing is that whenever a male does a mistake the society tend to forgive for his mistakes and thus the person carry on with his life as if nothing happen in his life....but with girls, if she falls in some problem then she will be in trouble from the family and then the the end its the girl who suffers alot and leading them into emotional depressed thats why country like Nepal the mortality rate is still high specially for girls.....we being human beings whether its female or male should have equality in everything....
    Before in olden days,people had this notion that falling in love is like cupid and psyche. the relation is been written by the god....but now falling in love has become more of like a game....the more the girls around you, more the famous you become.....but nowdays, before you fall in love, you have to think twice.....
    so ur fren should choose the right person before indulgin in real relationship.....


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