Saturday, February 12, 2011

Accepting the abnormal is normal??????

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mercy that counts..

I walked the hustle way, avoiding the noisy vehicles and the irritating bike’s speed, am looking around giving the keen interest in every corner of the places though its little complicated to give mind in something as the June and July temperature of kathmandu is piercing through my skin but then I tried to remember the time, I was in Delhi in June month, the temperature nearly killed me during my stay at that time…I can clearly remember how I and my friend Tsering could survive through that killing temperature…and that makes me smile back and continue to where I was heading…
I was then back to my own world thinking deeply in my own way, I was looking around the places as I passed the busy and dusty road of the Arubari, watching the different way of living of the houses, giving full interest in the people’s way of life, observing their way of living, sinking in their views while they were communicating, trying to be easy with their lifestyle, getting to know how they are different from each other in every single way but still they seems very much comfortable with one another……this is what the world goes and no can bring any changes in it……elders says that the God has created this world and it is how the
God wants….but this isn’t true at all.. this is completely wrong ….truth is “people are the one who has created this society and the way of living not God…people hardly accepts this….everything that is being performed in the society and among the people…is our creation….we the people not God…God never came on the earth and said people needed to give bribe, dowry ,economic crisis in every small way ,evil thoughts ,needed to hate each other etc….it all our creations…sorry to say it’s not God……
To be accepted and get easily mingle, I tried to someone else behind me ,pretending to be like them, laughing with their silly jokes, staying happy with the fake happiness, showing the fake smile all the day….hahah this is really funny that I am doing this but its interesting that I came to know something different I was unknown….i used to think need to change myself cause I am different and everyone else seems happy in this way…thought for a long time and said to myself….may be I am psycho or abnormal living in this normal world….need to me Normal now…
But as I saw this world close and closer, came to know many certain things which are completely shocking to me…i never wanted to know these bitter facts of the people and society….may be this is what the society is and may be this is how the world goes….may be this is how the people accepts everything…..but…..sometimes these normal people living in this normal world pretends in such an immense way that it creates such a situation where I find myself in complicated bridge which is hard to cross and no way to stay in that bridge still…this creates a moment where you can’t act normal in anyway..i.e …you completely look like an Abnormal person……well its really hard to take a single breath to act like a normal person which I am suppose to be pretending to be normal……whatever the people says and the worlds thinks I am happy the way I a full 32 teeth smile to myself, I am happy that at last I am the normal person …Abnormal are those who act like a normal and who pretends in every single walk of the life…….FAKE WORLD.

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